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Carrion – Paperback Launch #booklaunch by Graeme Cumming

  It’s here at last! And, if you were to look back to when I wrote the first faltering words of that very first draft (too long ago to be absolutely sure how many years have passed since), you’d understand … Continue reading

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But ‘n’ Ben…

Gauche… Gangly… Currently scrofulous… Bark Jaw-Dark contemplated the pork pie he had recently fished from the depths of the jacket pocket of his un-pressed suit and placed it whole in his mouth. “Hey, Jordache!” “Jaw-Dark,” spluttered Bark through the pork … Continue reading

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How do you read?

As I scrolled down the page I became conscious that I was doing exactly the thing I was researching. My ‘normal’ concentration and attention to words, born of my lifelong love for seeing them unfold on paper, was wandering off … Continue reading

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Guest author: Judy Penz Sheluk – Discovering Tarot

If you’ll pardon the pun, tarot was never in the cards when I began writing Skeletons in the Attic. I knew I’d have a protagonist, Calamity (Callie) Barnstable, who would be thrust into the position of finding out what happened … Continue reading

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Guest author: Victoria Zigler – The Degu Books

I love all animals – especially dogs, cats, horses, and rodents – But my absolute favourite animal is a lion.  There’s just something about the majestic big cats that appeals to me. As much as I’d love to have a … Continue reading

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An Imperious Impulse: Coyote Tales

“Couldn’t you make me into a Bull?” asked Coyote.  In a time before Man walked the Earth, the Great Spirit breathed life into the land. Coyote was the First. Playful, subversive, curious and sometimes comical, he and his fellow creatures … Continue reading

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The Eternals an Update by Richard M. Ankers

I would like to thank the wonderful Sue Vincent for allowing me the privilege of saying a few words here. Being able to appear on Sue’s blog has come at a very opportune time. My first published novel, THE ETERNALS, … Continue reading

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“For Jean, eternity should’ve meant forever…” The Eternals by Richard M. Ankers

Richard M. Ankers, poet and gold medallist writer, has just released a new book. Read on to find out more about the man behind The Eternals… and you can read a short story by Richard in this month’s newly released … Continue reading

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