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Riddles in the churchyard…

“We need to go to Great Longstone.” “Why?” “No idea.” “Oh. Have we been there before?” “Yes.” “I have no memory of this place…” My companion’s acceptance says a lot about our adventures over the past few years.  We have … Continue reading

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On Philosophy… Stuart France

* It is clear that every ‘great philosophy’ is, no more and no less than, the confession of its author. To explain how a philosophy’s highest flung claims have been derived, therefore, we need only ask, ‘what really makes its … Continue reading

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Guest author: C. S. Boyack – The Hat, an excerpt from a new novella

Sue, I really appreciate the chance to visit your blog once again. You’re sure welcome over at my place any time you need it. In most blog tours it’s kind of traditional to provide an excerpt of some kind. I … Continue reading

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Deluge! II… Stuart France

* … Wen and I are still in the British Museum mulling over one of the information boards… “We don’t normally hold with ‘establishment views’ but this one’s not bad.” “There seems to be a conflation of ‘Sages’ with ‘Gods’.” … Continue reading

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Guest author: Lyn Horner – Finding your cross-genre niche

First of all, I want to express my thanks to Sue for having me on her site once again. It’s great to be back! I am a cross-genre author. By that, I mean my fiction books are a mix of … Continue reading

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The Dancing Master – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: People do make a habit of surprising you. They cheerfully climb out of the neat little boxes you put them in and persist in doing things you’d never expect. Take, for example, the great mercenary captain, … Continue reading

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Pantomime… Stuart France

* How naive are our, ‘lovers of wisdom’? How furtively they err, like children who put on the garb of their Elders. Their heart’s desire made manifest by abstract dialectic. Their ‘inspirations’, a prejudice, after the event. * Still, like … Continue reading

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