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An eye full of reflections (7 OF 7) – Steve Tanham

Amidst the seemingly pristine field of stones, the old oak tree usually went unnoticed… Like this group of happy but somewhat weary pilgrims, newly entered via the gate at the top of the narrow, fern-lined path, most visitors stood in … Continue reading

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An Eye full of Reflections (Part Five) – Steve Tanham

Our visit to the actual village of Portmeirion ended quietly, but with an interesting mosaic of happenings. We rejoined our colleagues, silent in our own conclusions – for everyone must find their own in a place like this, and there … Continue reading

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An Eye full of Reflections (4) – Steve Tanham

As the land-train pulls out of the main square in Portmeirion, we head up into the forest. There are three distinct internal regions within the Portmeirion site. The first is the village, itself; the second is the coastal walk; and … Continue reading

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An Eye full of Reflections (2) – Steve Tanham

There is so much going on that you can miss him on the downward leg of the guided introduction to Portmeirion. In a world of the strangely beautiful, one in which the normal laws of constructing a ‘village’ have been … Continue reading

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