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Dark sun…

  Eternity flowering a morning, Liquid life dances her desires Healing dark secrets Embracing the broken smile Devoured by night. Sad ghosts, haunting her coffee, Melt into magic Joy is born in laughter As the sky awakes.  

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  Morning Drinks the cup of eternity Healing a broken night Peace colours a naked sky Deliciously blushing Exploring joy in your embrace Soft sacred kiss Open and awake to life Laughing at clouds

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Intuition in stone Seeds ancient earth With murmured secrets. Spirit walks a sacred world Breathing tendrils of song For me to follow. Through the lonely night, I walk the path of harmony Wandering between summer clouds To wild moonlight, Listening … Continue reading

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A wild moon Wanders the night, Frost in its soul Softly shining. Dawn, bright spirit And colour roses With quiet peace And I will follow Your path

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Sea spray

I need no diamonds Only spring rain And sea spray By moonlight. No red roses Or elaborate gown… Only purple rocks And summer’s thousand petals. I  need no symphony But the wind To sing me to sleep… And the whisper … Continue reading

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I dream summer And purple shadows play In the petals of the rose. Sweet spring recalls The diamond death Of misty forests, Frosting wild winter With flowers. A gentle promise blooms; Sweet morning’s star Remembers night, Honouring the dream With … Continue reading

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    A thousand honeyed diamonds Dress her in beauty. A gown of light sings Upon the goddess’ breast. Spring whispers to the moon Of summer petals; I dream of roses Beneath a shining sky Loving life.    

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  Though your voice Is a world away My heart listens, Trusting a word Shared with my soul. I believe; Belonging to love As dreams belong to night And sweet promises to morning.

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Winding vines climb Through summer forests, Wild tendrils spring From withered boughs, A cycle of harmony In Nature’s garden, Green and blooming. We walk a quiet path Between the seasons, Summer fruit falls On frosted grass And winter’s blossom Follows … Continue reading

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