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Old friends…

Wednesday was a weird day and a busy one. The internet decided to go on strike for some reason, every time I tried to do anything. The pond pump needed cleaning at my son’s home, and so did the fountain … Continue reading

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Guest author: G. Michael Vasey – Ghosts of the Living and Being in Two Places at Once

A recent call with my mother resulted in my latest book. Knowing my interests, my mother surprised me by telling me how on three separate occasions, she had seen her sister. The first time, she was in the kitchen and … Continue reading

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The Pink Bus – Guest author G. Michael Vasey

Gary Vasey is a prolific writer and has been a friend of mine for a long, long time… and the birth of that friendship in itself is a very strange story. We co-authored The Mystical Hexagram many years before we … Continue reading

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G. Michael Vasey on the second edition of the Mystical Hexagram

This weekend, the paperback and kindle versions of The Mystical Hexagram – 2nd Edition became available. The book is a joint project with prolific author Sue Vincent, who incidentally designed the beautiful new cover. An additional chapter is contained in … Continue reading

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A writerly weekend…

I was late setting off for the north on Friday, so there was no time to stop and enjoy the autumnal colour that now blankets the land like some medieval tapestry, all ochres, rust and gold. By the time I … Continue reading

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