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Dream ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Sleep would not come, just waves of fear and pain. There was no silence either. Voices discussing, the news, gardens, family, Covid… I can’t blame them this was their day. Their shift, they would go home and sleep. The scariest … Continue reading

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Bow #midnighthaiku

Walking through a dream Far beyond the rainbow’s arc Freedom lies waiting *

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Listening to the wind

Sleepless, I lay listening to the wind, wondering what it whispered and whence it came. It moved around the house, insinuating itself through the half open window, stealing across the bed to rattle the door; a silent intruder. Where had … Continue reading

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Guest author: Andrea Torrey Balsara ~ I Dreamed a Dream   

It was daylight. I was alone on a dirt road that stretched as far as I could see. There were no houses…no trees… Just me. I glided along the road. I couldn’t see my hands, or anything that would identify … Continue reading

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Voyagers #midnighthaiku

* Midnight voyagers Dreaming of lost enchantments Some roads call us home *

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The Ticket Inspector… Stuart France

* I am late. I am expected in Leicester and now my only option is to catch the last train. The last train to Leicester is a slow train and also appears to be experiencing difficulties. Stopping where there are … Continue reading

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Open #writephoto

Doors Unlocked Black and white Light and shadow Inviting footsteps Forgotten dust playing Caught between merry sunbeams And the depths of ancient sorrow Afraid of moving forward too fast Too fearful to risk standing in one place Conscious of every … Continue reading

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Step by step…

The path winds around the embankment of an ancient hillfort… a fairy fort, they are sometimes called, gateways to the Otherworld of myth and legend. There is silence save for the rustle of leaves, the ever present birdsong and the … Continue reading

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Whimsey’s Gate ~ Antonia Sara Zenkevitch #writephoto

Cunning threshold Where green inks Chiselled stone, Where whimsey Herself is enthroned, Continue reading at Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

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Blade ~ Roberta Eaton #writephoto

“Margaret finally drifted into a fitful sleep and she had a vivid dream. She was in a great courtyard surrounded by a thick, stone wall. Dense crowds of people lined the inside of the walls leaving a circle of rough … Continue reading

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