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Long Meg…

In silence Almost eternal Sentinel Watches still In tune with Earth’s slow heartbeat People come and go Shadorma for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge  

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Beauty – #WQWWC

There are many species of reindeer around the world, some forming the mainstay of local lifestyles, providing milk, meat, bone and fur to people who have little, given their landscape and who waste less. They are superbly adapted to their … Continue reading

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The Standing Stones of Dunruchan from Walking with a Smacked Pentax

Reblogged from James Elkington at Walking with a Smacked Pentax: We had been driving for what seemed like ages without seeing another soul on this beautiful Scottish mountain road. Eventually we stopped at the side of a pine forest and … Continue reading

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By Backstone Beck

There could be no better place to wake than the moors; as the curtains opened on my picturesque ‘birthday card’ and the Cow and Calf brought in the morning. We were planning a long walk after breakfast so our rooms … Continue reading

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Backstone Circle

We had passed a point on the moors where my memory had to reach back, back… deep into childhood. I had not walked this part of the high moors for a very long time and I, of course, was the … Continue reading

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