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Scary ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

my smallness in the face of unseen difficulties enormity of challenges Scary! Reblogged from Reena Saxena

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Reclamation ~ Iain Kelly#writephoto

The water rolled in. She could see nothing on the horizon, just the deep blue water. This was it – the last small remaining piece of land was slowly being swallowed. The ships were ready to launch, floating cities that … Continue reading

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Creation Myth ~ Andrew Joyce

Reblogged from Andrew Joyce: Every culture has its own creation myth. Ours is that the world was created in six days and the first humans were Adam and Eve. The Apache Indians have Changing Woman who was impregnated by the … Continue reading

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The Apprentice ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

“It requires one step through.” She squinted at the trunk. “I can see the other side.” “So it would seem.” She circled the tree and peeked through the opening. “It is as I said. I can see your legs.” “I’m … Continue reading

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Tranquility ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

As the evening sun takes its final breath of the day the dappled grey sky edged in silver lights the way Silhouetted birds flying high above their disappearing shadows Continue reading at Poetry for Healing

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Choices #writephoto

Eyes Hiding Strange faces Ever watchful Look out from shadows Distrusting all they see Fearing the caress of dawn That awakens them from slumber Far safer to embrace illusion Than to be revealed by the light of truth Remaining but … Continue reading

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Ancestral Cluster… Stuart France

* “Wonder what they talk about?” “Whatever we give them to talk about.” “Not going to be best pleased then?” “Possibly not.” * Reblogged from Stuart France

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Flitation #midnighthaiku

Flirtatious summer Arrayed in living jewels Dancing with the sun  

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