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Audiobook of Becoming Human ~ Kenneth L. Decroo

Reblogged from Kenneth L. Decroo: The audiobook of Becoming Human is about to be released. The actor/narrator, Kevin Chambers did an excellent job of bringing my humble effort to life. Here is a link to a sample: https://www.dropbox.com/s/agrbstuyvd98rzu/becoming%201st%2015%20edited%202%20mp3.mp3?dl=0 . Please … Continue reading

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Trusty John: Door…

* When the time of mourning was over, Trusty John said to the young king, “It is time for you to see your inheritance. I will escort you around your ancestral castle as your father wished.” So, day by day, … Continue reading

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Drink the dawn

  Society demands we do our best Striving, trying for the common goal: The home, the car, the holiday. Squeezing ourselves into a mould Shaped by the grey people, The tax collectors, The nine to fivers Caught by fear of … Continue reading

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Caladur: Stream… Stuart France

* In the morning the hermit set two bowls of milk with bread on the table, and Ewan sat where the murmuring of the stream outside came in at the window, and a soft air came with it, and made … Continue reading

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Water #midnighthaiku

Rising from the mist Life finds its perfect vessel Form and force as one

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