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Redbreast ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

Another bit of WIP in response to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt The pool shows her nothing; her robin-child has disappeared. Nor can she find Richard in any of the places where she has left a part of herself curled in … Continue reading

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Choices ~ Roberta Eaton #writephoto

3 June – form the handwritten notes of Lisa Robinson I am sitting in a worn office chair in the Free Zone 110 Hospital. Kelly is lying on one of fifteen beds in the long, narrow ward. Her dear, little … Continue reading

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John Muir’s Divine Yosemite Conviction ~ D. Nelson

Stunning photographs of an amazing landscape, reblogged from SmileCalm: With thanks to one man’s total conviction to conserve & protect, we can find our faith in being a small, but mindful part of earth, sky & beyond’s grandeur . The … Continue reading

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Choices ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

Kalliste stood on the beach ruminating on the recent shipwreck, she had given the sailors a simple choice, they could either perish at the bottom of the sea or become her slaves for the rest of their lives. Continue reading … Continue reading

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Official Book Launch

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Fate of the Lir-Brood: Raven…

* Hard the day when first I brought Dark Eva in my house to dwell Black the woman’s heart that wrought Such a cruel and malevolent spell. * …Lir departed Lake Devra with his company and travelled to the king’s … Continue reading

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Choices ~ Anita Dawes #writephoto

So small do I stand of soft grey waves The gentle whisper of many voices as it reaches the shore Choices I made washed out to sea On my walk through to town I see Continue reading at Anita Dawes … Continue reading

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What if?

There’s always a first time. Eyes meet and steal the known, Tomorrow a heartbeat That whispers, “What if..?” And every possibility A butterfly. * There’s always a next time. A hopeful eagerness Opens the secret heart And shivers. “What if?” … Continue reading

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Magical Elements: Unfurling… Stuart France

* … Not content with speculations on the nature of the physical world, their deductions led the Alchemists to contemplations of a metaphysical nature… * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Freedom #midnighthaiku

Caged or flowing free The world imposes boundaries Hearts can always fly St Osyth’s healing and holy spring, Bierton, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. The well-head is a modern affair… the spring is ancient.

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