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God interprets Guernica ~ M. Brazfield #writephoto

today God tried your painting method using skies and tiny trickled markings on the sand He got most of the lines right clouds and horizon Continue reading at Words Less Spoken

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Yearning ~Leanne Lieu #writephoto

I don’t remember how my sister and I got into a conversation about taking a helicopter ride. I didn’t think we would go through with it I’m afraid of heights Continue reading at Read and Write Here

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Lord of the Deep: In to The Deep. ~ Willow Willers

Willow continues sharing her journey with the recent Lord of the Deep weekend: After we had returned from ancient Sumeria that Saturday night we all, everyone of us, got changed and fought the biblical weather the thankfully short distance up … Continue reading

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Wandering off the grammatical point at Berkhamsted Castle

As several of my blogging friends are aware, I’m currently up to my ears in revision for my impending OU Latin exam in a couple of weeks’ time. However, after hours of work yesterday, I was in desperate need of…

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The Flood ~ Suzanne #writephoto

As the rain falls – and falls – and falls the rivers flood across the plain and other places in the world bake in devastating droughts I find myself yearning for answers – what’s going on? Climatologists have discovered a … Continue reading

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Yearning ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Is it dusk or is it dawn . He no longer knows Yet he see the shine on the water as out to sea it flows. Lost to to us, he is so forlorn. ******* Waking she wonders what will … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog: Summer, cars and cucumber ears

It’s hot. Too hot for me, and way too hot for her… she’s still skulking in the shadows in case her skin drops off. Can’t see it myself… though I grant you, she does seem to be melting. But all … Continue reading

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Missed #midnighthaiku

Gifts of the moment Once flown never to return Youth passes swiftly

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