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Forgotten ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

A Doorway Forgotten By all the world An entrance, sealed shut Waiting to be opened To share the beauty within Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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Three Days of the Oyster-Catcher (2) Coast and Castle~ Steve Tanham

Sun in Gemini Above: Looking down into the Spey valley below – the 7:00 am beginning of our workshop Saturday There has to be a dawn… I’m not being flippant. Our Silent Eye ‘spirituality in the landscape’ weekends always have … Continue reading

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Contented ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

There was nothing wrong with her beyond that she could not abide much in the way of interference, and had always preferred the company of fair-folk and the song of wind and dust-in-light to the over-stimulating presence of other humans. … Continue reading

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Photo prompt round-up: Choices (II) #writephoto

* Differing visions Worlds perceived by other eyes Many stories told Small before eternity We shape our reality * The photos for the two weeks’ prompts  that covered the time I was away were all taken on our first trip … Continue reading

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The Gate ~ Teresa Smeigh #writephoto

The old gate was an anomaly. The villagers swore that they heard sounds of village life behind the ancient gate, but no one had been able to open it for centuries. It was set in a wall of wildflowers, and … Continue reading

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A Wall I Cannot Scale ~ Ken Gierke #writephoto

A Wall I Cannot Scale Where once it was possible to breach the wall that has grown between us, it has become ever darker within, so that not even the light of day can reach you. Here, there is life. … Continue reading

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Hunting the Unicorn: Dusk in the kirkyard…

On the banks of the river Spey, Dean introduced us to some of the concepts we would be working with over the weekend before leading us into Inverallan burial ground. It is an interesting place in its own right, with … Continue reading

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Vegetative Soul? … Stuart France

* * The Ancients it seems Conceived a three-fold Analogy which linked Agriculture, Generation and Re-generation. * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Purification #midnighthaiku

* Joy falling softly Captured by fragrant petals Purifying pain *

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