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100th post – Denise Aileen DeVries #writephoto

Pristine skies open in different shades of blue, so unfamiliar over the novel landscapes, bridges into the unknown. Continue reading at Bilocalalia

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Blue – pensitivity #writephoto

“Oh Alex, it’s beautiful,” Elenora whispered. They were lying in bed, the painting adorning the wall at the end of it. The approaching shadows of night enhanced it. Four year old Angel was asleep in her bed and three month … Continue reading

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Guest author: Patty L. Fletcher (and Seeing Eye Dog Campbell Lee – aka Bubba) Bubba Tails: Awakening to love

To many, waking up with a big hairy dog for a companion every-day might seem rather trivial. To me, it is one of the very best parts of the entire week, hands down. The following tells the (tail) tale better … Continue reading

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Crimson – Sight #writephoto

“Men came from the sea. It makes sense to die in it. I mean with the polar ice cap melting it’s bound to happen. Right?”, asked Beth. “You mean the acquatic ape hypothesis. I don’t believe in it”, said Ben. … Continue reading

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The Schrödinger effect – Top 10 writing related posts 2017

Why the Schrödinger effect? Because words on a page, be that in a book or on a screen, reflect the living imagination of the writer, but are dead until a reader’s imagination gives them life. For the writer, no matter … Continue reading

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Blue – Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Ian raised his hand. The laughter and giggles died down. “Do you know know what I miss more than anything?” he asked. Kupar laughed. “A good ale? 15 year old whiskey?” Ian smiled but shook his head. “Blue.” “Blue?” Mike … Continue reading

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A Hallowed Holiday… Stuart France

* … We are on the vacation, proper, and the Silver-Bullet is heading this way and that along the ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads of North Yorkshire. There are draw-backs to not having a properly conceived plan. I pick up the … Continue reading

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Vagabond #midnighthaiku

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