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Is there a point to all this? (3) – Jeff Grant

Reblogged from Besonian: To recap two of my earlier posts on the same subject – do you wonder what this is all about – this life? That’s of course, if it’s about anything at all. All the rushing here, rushing … Continue reading

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Thaw – pensitivity – #writephoto

They had come to this place to get away from Elenora’s well-meaning but over intrusive family. The weather had caught them unexpectedly, but they weren’t too worried as the cabin was well stocked with wood and food. As it turned … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – The coconut confession…

Dear Santa, as you’re coming soon I have a small confession, I ask for that forgiveness You can grant at your discretion. I have this little problem, I did not do as I ought, And now I am in trouble, … Continue reading

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January thaw – Rosemary Carlson #writephoto

When she awakened that morning, she heard water. She laid there in her warm bed, wondering where that sound could be coming from. It had been so cold, frigid really. The sound of water was coming from outside the door. … Continue reading

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The fence – Fall Musings #wriephoto

But why? She objected. Its for our own protection honey. Her mother tried to explain. But she was never really satisfied. Why do we need fences? Barbed wires around everything beautiful. Why did God not make fences around His rivers … Continue reading

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Gilded butterflies Expensively caged Wed to appearance Wings grown too heavy to fly Weighted by expectation * Naturally beautiful Playing on the summer breeze Simplicity rests Drinking a gilded morning Living light in light *Top photo courtesy of Pixabay  

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Thaw – Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

I watch you from afar So remote and beautiful I feel a chill wind For those who dare approach But then you smile And I feel a thaw Continue reading at Trent’s World

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Imprisoned #midnighthaiku

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