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Morning mist – Denise Aileen DeVries #writephoto

If I miss anything about humidity, it would be the morning mist sprawled across the grass like a sleeping cat, or the dew glittering on a spider’s web, fog so heavy the schools are closed, or deer standing like teenagers … Continue reading

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Mists by Elizabeth #writephoto

Lost in the mists of time  youth and passion now I only have despair waiting for a magic to happen with each sunrise the dream  revives bringing me love and enchantment Source: Tea and Paper

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Ani’s Advent Invitation: Dante writes to Santa…with Adele Marie Park

I had a letter from my mate, Dante, who looks after Adele Marie Park.Now, Dante is a really handsome dog… and bigger than me, by the looks of things. He also has a very big heart. And that is probably … Continue reading

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His Destiny – pensitivity #writephoto

The room seemed strange now that the portal had closed. It wasn’t that there was no way out, just that things were in reverse and a new doorway had appeared in the opposite wall. His view through the window was … Continue reading

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Reblogged from Smorgasbord’s Christmas Posts from Your Archives -Christmas Past by Sue Vincent

Reblogged from Smorgasbord. Thank you kindly, Sally, for letting me share, and relive momentarily, some lovely old memories…. Welcome to the second of the posts from Sue Vincent’s Christmas Archives… and today a look back at her vivid memories of … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto – Mists – Ritu Bhathal

Ken sat staring out across the fields, deep in thought, as the sun began to set. Mists clouded his vision, as the hours passed, so he closed his eyes and began to ponder… Did she really love him, or was … Continue reading

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A Far-Flown Arrow… Stuart France

* “Where did she go?” “I dunno.” Poor  Fran and Cor, in this day and age people are not supposed to disappear, or at least, not like that. They still do though. Despite their understandable confusion. Over a thousand people … Continue reading

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Reflect #midnighthaiku

Clouded perception Beauty cannot see itself Other eyes must speak  

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