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Eerie Sepulchral gloom Beckoning us inwards Its dark invitation denied Chilling Cinquain for Colleen’s poetry prompt

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Strange Tales for #Halloween…

Fancy some strange flash fiction for Halloween? Click the links to read these short pieces from the archive: Evergreen  Ribbons   Automatic    The Listener    The Accountant    Familiar Or, if you are a writer, perhaps you should read Barb Taub’s cautionary … Continue reading

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Silent worlds unseen Beyond imagination Whisper at the door Whose are the voices that call Are they within or without… On which side of the door do I stand? Am I in life or death, or does life to one … Continue reading

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Tales better not told.

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
I have mentioned previously that our niece, Grisla, lived with us for a number of years. Her mother, Shalla, is Shena’s younger sister and in my humble opinion has the ability to fall pregnant should…

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Once there was a castle – Jane Dougherty #writephoto

Once there was a castle by the sea, With steps where lapped the glassy ocean waves, Now only ghosts walk these forgotten stones. When forests covered hills and rivers ran, Lush grew the pasture in the meadowlands, Once there was … Continue reading

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Seven days, seven black and white photos – day 1

‘SEVEN DAYS. SEVEN BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS OF YOUR LIFE. NO PEOPLE. NO EXPLANATION. CHALLENGE SOMEONE NEW EACH DAY’ My thanks to Jane Dougherty for inviting me. In turn, I invite Trent  to join the challenge.

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#writephoto – Ebb – Elizabeth at tea and paper

Photo credit – Sue Vicent We are almost reaching the beach. It wasn’t an easy day, I hate when Hugh talks to me like that. The children should be OK at the cottage with the nanny, better there than here … Continue reading

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We recently shared a simple meditation as a mark of love and respect for those who have passed, particularly within the last year. I thought long and hard about writing about what was a very personal and emotional experience, and … Continue reading

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Clues…  Stuart France

ALL SAINTS Where earth and time And heavens meet, Look for dragons’ soaring might, To seek the circle’s treasure trove, And solve The Riddles of the Night. Source: Clues… | Stuart France

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Unhallowed #midnighthaiku

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