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#writephoto — The Tower – This, That, and The Other

Clyde stood at the bottom of the winding steps that led to the tower that was once a monastery before the monks had been driven from the land. He wondered how many others like him, loyal to the crown, had … Continue reading

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Guest author: Steve Costello – Investigating my own experience

If it were possible to ask every fiction writer on the planet: Do any of your experiences find a way into your stories? I think the answer would be an undoubtable, yes! I should qualify that with examples from my … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto Tower Of Power by Pamela Morse

Tower Of Power The Roman army built the arches, aqueducts, and city streets Then conscripted the local constabulary, farmers and priests They marched off to conquer and manage all humans and beasts The emperor demanded tribute in service, and taxes paid … Continue reading

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Tower – #writephoto from Michael at Morpethroad

When he became a hermit, he thought of all the benefits of a life of poverty and chastity. The prospect of a life of solitude was attractive to him as getting away from society and his past was the purpose … Continue reading

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Reflecting reality…

My son has an infinity mirror in his bedroom which startled the electrician who installed it. He thought it was ‘just’ an illuminated mirror and nearly fell through the imaginary black hole it creates when he switched it on to … Continue reading

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Mound Found! … Stuart France

* …Stones missing. * * Still, at least this time, there appears to be a reasonable enough explanation for their disappearance. Source: Mound Found! … | Stuart France

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Gifted #midnighthaiku

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