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Final flourish

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Small dog… busted!

Dear Kanzen, I found this hidden amongst Ani’s toys… I think it may explain certain anomalies and the whisperings we’ve been hearing ….You may want to have a word with the inscrutable SamCat… Hmm….  

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Note from the small dog… on the annual review…

Crunchy? There I was thinking it was bones… but no, she’s just had the annual WordPress review.  You can have a look if you like. It makes you blink a bit… I mean, Sydney Opera House is all very well, … Continue reading

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12 things your grandparents said…

When you are very young, forty seems ancient and grandparents are, of course, so old they are practically another species. Like dinosaurs…almost- but-not-quite extinct and very much at home in museums. Their homes bear the traces of a ‘bygone era’…you … Continue reading

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As the year ends…

As the New Year celebrations approach, it is traditional to think about making resolutions, those choices projected into the far flung future of the year… which few of us actually manage to keep beyond the second week of January. Many … Continue reading

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Pristine perfection Flowing from the Mother’s heart As liminal light

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Sheltered by decay, Shadows waiting for the sun New life awakens.

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It was all going so well too…

My Christmas day had come and gone As good as you could get; I woke to silent darkness, But I wasn’t moving yet! I’d wait till the alarm went off And get a duvet fix, I wasn’t starting Boxing Day … Continue reading

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