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The edge of the precipice

Driving home this morning from work there was one of those moments of sheer, unadulterated joy when the fields were lit with pale sunshine, the winter sky blue and the feel of the car around me occupied my whole being. … Continue reading

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For the diary…

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Life Lines Poetry Collection by Sue Vincent

Originally posted on Poetry by Pamela: Sue Vincent has compiled a collection of mostly free verse poetry. There are just over 50 poems. I believe that poetry should be read slowly, and often repeatedly. I really liked Dance in…

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A surfeit of sanctity

I’m sick of saints. No disrespect is intended here… none at all… but there are only so many you can read about at one go… and for the past couple of days my browser has had every available tab filled … Continue reading

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Rebels without a choice

A mere quarter of a mile from my home the traffic ground to an unaccustomed halt. The sporadic nature of its movement proclaimed a contraflow in action somewhere up ahead and, with no other way of accessing my street, I … Continue reading

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Ozymandias – the unchosen

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
1279 BCE, The Nile at Philae Darkness had just fallen when the Dark Apep rounded the curve in the river and fixed its course on the stone landing of the Island of Philae. The…

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Fog and marzipan

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
It’s a chilly, drab kind of morning at present, I wondered what it would bring once the sun came up to show us the day. The question was soon answered. Fog. The kind of…

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Time out

I did the unthinkable yesterday… I downed tools and took the evening off. Well, half the afternoon and the evening to be exact. What did I do with such unaccustomed luxury, you may ask? Something excitingly unusual? Something surprisingly novel? … Continue reading

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A sweet dilemma…

A foggy night of ghostly streetlights was followed by another frosty morning. There was little time for photography walking the dog as we needed to visit the shop early this morning. This leads us away from the fields and means … Continue reading

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Blue Jays and Mockingbirds

I had first read the book years ago; it was one of those we were obliged to study in school for English Literature and our teacher at the time appeared to like neither books nor children. The volume, duly dissected … Continue reading

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