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For the diary…

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Life Lines Poetry Collection by Sue Vincent

Originally posted on Poetry by Pamela: Sue Vincent has compiled a collection of mostly free verse poetry. There are just over 50 poems. I believe that poetry should be read slowly, and often repeatedly. I really liked Dance in…

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Ozymandias – the unchosen

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
1279 BCE, The Nile at Philae Darkness had just fallen when the Dark Apep rounded the curve in the river and fixed its course on the stone landing of the Island of Philae. The…

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Time out

I did the unthinkable yesterday… I downed tools and took the evening off. Well, half the afternoon and the evening to be exact. What did I do with such unaccustomed luxury, you may ask? Something excitingly unusual? Something surprisingly novel? … Continue reading

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Blue Jays and Mockingbirds

I had first read the book years ago; it was one of those we were obliged to study in school for English Literature and our teacher at the time appeared to like neither books nor children. The volume, duly dissected … Continue reading

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Frozen fingers

I stand shivering at the edge of the field as the sun rises, watching the dog tear round the frozen field. There is a crow… it has to be chased, apparently, but all I catch on camera is a black … Continue reading

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Winter rose

Perfection slept in my arms; My heart singing lullabies To a winter rose.

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An earful of toothpaste.

I’ve stuffed my ear with toothpaste. I gave up on other stuff, But a mozzie in the earhole Is the outside of enough. I thought the things had finished, Buggered off to hibernate, But this voracious blighter Seems as if … Continue reading

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A special day

When the phone rang at half past five this morning, I didn’t need to hear the words… my younger son’s voice said it all… though the awed wonder of the words ‘she’s just perfect’ had me in tears. This morning … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog XLIX

I thought I’d better step in today… you’ll get no sense out of her at all. She’s gone all weird. Again. Well yeah… weirder… Sort of… gooey… Don’t ask me why… all I know is it feels a bit like … Continue reading

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