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Saturday dawned bright and beautiful and we made a fairly early… if somewhat leisurely… start, heading out towards Bakewell for Stuart to visit the church there where I had found such treasures a couple of weeks ago. It doesn’t take … Continue reading

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Coming soon…. Giants Dance

“I’ve just worked out the game of ‘fetch’.” “Oh, really?” “Yes really, the Ball of Power is… Love. And no matter how hard you try to get rid of it. It just keeps coming back to you.” The Ball of … Continue reading

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How much do you know about slugs? Probably not a lot, if the truth be known. They are not the most appealing of creatures… and as long as they stay off the hostas and strawberries most of us will happily … Continue reading

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Land of the Exiles

Join us in the Derbyshire Hills for an entirely new type of journey into the nature of consciousness The weekend of 11-13 April, 2014 LAND OF THE EXILES A weekend workshop with The Silent Eye A Modern Mystery School All … Continue reading

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Feeling guilty

There is a howl… rather like one you might hear of a vulpine version of Christmas morning… high and excited. Claws scrabble too fast on the slippery kitchen floor, desperately trying to get to the door…. Trying to open it … Continue reading

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Hair of the dog

I’ve washed the walls, and mopped the soggy puddle off the floor And cleaned the bathtub and the sink and six foot up the door… We had a bath, the dog and I, before we went to sleep Not both … Continue reading

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Free Kindle Download: Long Leggety Beasties by Alienora Taylor

Long Leggety Beasties   by Alienora Taylor Free download! “…resembled nothing so much as a brace of hamsters in a particularly vicious blender.” This simple phrase sets the tone for pages of untold delight in the creative misuse of imagery. … Continue reading

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When toes cause headaches

To be reluctant to give up heels is mere vanity. Yes, possibly. But I’d still like it to be due to a gradual snuggling down into comfortable maturity than by one fell swoop of scalpel and saw. Be that as … Continue reading

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Hearts and flowers

I could send a Valentine greeting, but you know, that is not on the cards I will just have to leave hearts and flowers to all the romantics and bards. There will not be a candlelit supper, nor bottles of … Continue reading

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Crucible of the Sun

“If a worthy lord you wish to be, then tho’ you be young, do not deride the elderly; nor the poor tho’ you be wealthy nor the lame tho’ you be swift nor the dull tho’ you be clever nor … Continue reading

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