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The flavour of revenge

You’ll have heard of the spider that got me in spring How it went for my foot in the car How it bit me five times With no reason nor rhyme Which was going a little too far. You’ll remember … Continue reading

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The Thumper

My son had thumped me soundly, with delight, and made me squeal, That’s ‘cause he is a sadist and my pain goes with the deal. Don’t judge him harshly, honest… to be fair, there is a knack To get the … Continue reading

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Update – the spider from hell

Thank you to those of you who have been in touch by phone, text and email. I was taken back to hospital yesterday because of the spider bites and a nasty allergic reaction to the antibiotics. I’ll spare you the … Continue reading

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Expensive taste…

I was making small talk for a very good reason. The phlebotomy tray contained not just the usual, if overly large collection of neatly labelled vials, but an IV cannula and a couple of rather-larger-than-I-liked bottles too. The bottles were … Continue reading

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Under attack

My knees are scratched to high heaven where a confused dog tried to give comfort to the zombified madwoman going nuts in the middle of the night… claws and bare knees are not the best of combinations. That I had … Continue reading

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