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Intuition in stone Seeds ancient earth With murmured secrets. Spirit walks a sacred world Breathing tendrils of song For me to follow. Through the lonely night, I walk the path of harmony Wandering between summer clouds To wild moonlight, Listening … Continue reading

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  A thousand mornings I listened, Searching for your song In the music of night. Between dreaming and day, The river of time Runs with your laughter. I find your voice In the soft light. Life knows a moment’s sweetness … Continue reading

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That still, small voice…

As we each begin the conscious journey of the seeker we may become aware of a sense of presence; a realisation that seems to spring from a place deeper than thought. We may have spent a lifetime in study, engaging … Continue reading

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Peace #writephoto

Calm Quiet Time to think Moments to be To find what is lost Buried by impatience Drowned by the clamour of need And the apron-strings of duty Bound to the tides of necessity And importunities of survival Hearts cannot hear … Continue reading

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Questions of ‘relativity’…

“… so I thought I’d ask ‘Google’.” “Which is why you phoned me?” “Precisely. You know everything and you’re quicker than the internet.” “Oh gawd…” “What do you know about relativity?” “ Erm… E=mc2?” “Yeah, that.” “What exactly do you … Continue reading

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Clocking off?

The road was calling me north and I couldn’t wait to finish work and give in to its blandishments. The sun was shining and warm, the forecast unusually good for England. The fields were ablaze with the brilliant yellow of … Continue reading

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Jumping off the cliff…

Ten years or so ago, I was very active on a number of closed forums. I was lucky to be part of that moment when they were active and the energy was vibrant. I made a good many friends, people … Continue reading

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In silence

In a silence broken only by breath Words lose their sound; Spill their essence on the pristine page Or curl in tendrils through a mind undone, Fleeing logic on wings of fantasy. Fabled spectres rear their heads, Horned dilemmas bow … Continue reading

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Asking the question

‘Who, how, what, why, where, when?’… There was a time when I worked as a national sales manager for a major company. I had been employed as their transport manager, running the fleet of lorries and coordinating the  complex delivery … Continue reading

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