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The freedom to get it wrong

Watching the fish in the pond this morning, I noticed that although they all swim, as you would expect from fish, they all swim differently. The huge sturgeon glide through the water with no appearance of effort at all. The … Continue reading

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Spectre #midnighthaiku

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Flying high

There was a heron in the garden when I arrived at my son’s home a little before eight o’clock. It stood on the deck, almost as tall as me, and looked me in the eye. For a moment there was … Continue reading

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What price life?

The fish seem to have noticed that it is spring. The little male gourami needs floating plants in which to build a bubble nest before his mate will take his advances seriously. As they have, quite inconsiderately, eaten all the … Continue reading

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Alien #midnighthaiku

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Fit for purpose

I’ve been watching the fish again. The aquarium is next to my desk and where I would once stare into space, waiting for inspiration, I now watch the fish and find my mind swimming with them. Just as the fish … Continue reading

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Seeking balance

It was bugging me a bit, the big empty space at the top of the aquarium. It didn’t look right. It was okay when the fish swam up there, but as there was nothing to attract them except at feeding … Continue reading

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Under the surface

From the archives: My son has a fair sized pond with a wide variety of fish. Most of them were babies when they were acquired, but he couldn’t resist one or two bigger ones. I was watching them today, taking … Continue reading

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Perspective #midnighthaiku

  There may be monsters Strange, scary, instilling fear When misunderstood     Take another look Just a change in perspective May reveal real joy

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Remnant #midnighthaiku

The sturgeon is of a type of fish that first appeared in the fossil record around 245 to 208 million years ago. They have no scales, but are armoured with bony plates and a shark-like tail fin. Their lives are … Continue reading

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