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Fragments of history

Over the past month or so, we have been revisiting places in my local area in preparation for the April workshop we will be running here. There are so many wonderful sites that we would love to include, but time … Continue reading

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* …It was, after all, rather disconcerting to be thus accosted by a total stranger… * “Does this count?” he demanded, ferociously, and pushed an admittedly intriguing photograph across the bar at us. “Does that count as what?” * “One … Continue reading

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One #midnighthaiku

Standing in the stream Becoming one with the flow Icy waters heal

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Between #midnighthaiku

* Upon and within Embracing modes of being Silent harmony *

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Spirit of ‘What-Not’… Stuart France

* We can, perhaps, now understand, a little of where this diagram is coming from. It may be that this figure is supposed to represent a tetrahedron, yet because of its overt Patriarchy it is tempting to see a hidden … Continue reading

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Accelerated evolution

Spiritual growth is a journey unique to each one of us and taken whether we will or no. It is a natural evolution against which we may fight, actively resisting change or more usually with apathy and inertia. Or we … Continue reading

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In focus ~ one from the archives

My son gave me a pink stress ball . An entirely appropriate gift from him…  The gel-like stuff is translucent, textured like an orange and looks almost edible. I admit it has a certain addictive quality as I sit and … Continue reading

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Starting early…

It is no time to be up, not when it is not necessary. Even Ani has got the general idea that just because I am up doesn’t mean it is time for her to wake these days but I love … Continue reading

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Four letter word

“Who do you love best?” I overheard a conversation between mother and her small child and remembered my own sons asking me this question when they were very small. I imagine it is one many children throw at their parents … Continue reading

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Pure Nature Walked lightly By those who see Untrammelled beauty Following the pattern Crafted by the architect Even the smallest has its place In the endless cycle of being An unbroken chain of relationships From the feral claw of the … Continue reading

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