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Guarded ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

After a life’s struggle The confusion and muddle Led me to this place. The years have left their trace. Continue reading at willowdot21

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Oh, What a Show!! Showboat’s Literary Online! #authors #writers #poets ~ Judith Barrow

Reblogged from Judith Barrow: On Saturday 16th January 2021 we had our first Showboat Literary Online. We had a great line up of writers, lots of fun – and lots of interviewing glitches ( for the editing team at Showboat … Continue reading

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North-easterly: Intriguing Anomalies

Two things struck me as we entered the State Rooms to look around the public parts of Bamburgh castle. The first was that the collection of objects that were on display was vast, rich and deserving of much more attention … Continue reading

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A Big Top…

* The Circus Clown Encircles us His made up  face And painted on Smile belies An origin Not thought Much less sought From a world inanimate. * Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Shivering River…

* The traditional number of runes stands at twenty-four. A colt has twenty-four milk teeth. Sleipnir is a colt. * Continue reading at France & Vincent

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The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic at the Carrot Ranch…

I need to write about this. About what it meant to get that first email telling me what they had planned. About how it feels to be placed at the centre of something so unexpected and wrapped in words that … Continue reading

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Guarded ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

“Nowhere.” Tom glanced over his shoulder at Cheryl. She just watched her feet as they trod the almost empty landscape. He wasn’t the type to pry, and thought he did pretty well to only bring it up then, but it … Continue reading

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Brunch with the Small Dog

Me and the dog had a sandwich for brunch (Well, for me it was breakfast, for her it was lunch.) She follows me into the kitchen like glue Just in case I might rustle up something to chew. You don’t … Continue reading

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Guarded ~ Helen Glynn Jones #writephoto

I’m beyond thrilled that the lovely Sue Vincent has revived her #writephoto prompt. Sue has a knack for taking photographs that contain stories, so it’s lovely that she feels able to share them once again. This week, her prompt is … Continue reading

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Kite #midnighthaiku

Sailing frozen skies Unceasing flight devours time New sun rises red

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