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Wheeling smoke in a barrow ~ Jim Webster

Reblogged from Jim Webster: One of the tales my father always told was of back when he was in his teens and farm workers would work for a ‘term’ (summer or winter) and then after the term was up, he’d … Continue reading

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Equal opportunities

She’d always fancied farming. ‘Shepherdess’… that sounded cool. But how do you get into farming when your parents chose to raise you in the city? She should have known better, reading the advert… ‘Trainee harvester required, no experience necessary…’ She … Continue reading

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Guest author: Jim Webster – “Sometimes I Sits and Thinks”

Jim Webster may be better known for his work as the alter ego, or perhaps the amanuensis, of the Port Naain poet par excellence, Tallis Steelyard, but he does have a day job… and a brand new book… Sometimes I … Continue reading

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Brown Bear

Another erstwhile resident of Britain is the Brown Bear. It figures in many of our legends and folktales and it is for the bear that the legendary King Arthur was named.  These lumbering giants still roamed our land until around … Continue reading

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