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Meet the Model – Rhodri the Red Kite ~ Graham Stewart

Reblogged from Wildonline.blog: Say hello to  Rhodri the Red Kite – Milvus milvus The Red kite is yet another bird of prey that was persecuted to the point where it became extinct in both Scotland and England by the 1900’s … Continue reading

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Fragile #midnighthaiku

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Vision #midnighthaiku

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Rapt #midnighthaiku

Watchful guardian Mutually respectful Eye to eye we meet

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The relationship game

Every morning, for the past couple of weeks, the buzzard has been there, perched on a fence beside the main road as I drive to work. Even when I have had the camera with me, there has been nowhere to … Continue reading

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Manifest perfection

The weather has taken a turn for the better. The fields have gone from liquid mud to walkable once more so two days ago Ani and I turned left through the gap in the hedge instead of right into the … Continue reading

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