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Whitsy clothes

As I drove home from work on Whit Sunday, I passed a family walking in the sunshine. They were all female, and looked to be from around four years old to great-granny in her eighties. It took me back to … Continue reading

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Cold stone and warm hearts

Last year we visited Haddon Hall in Derbyshire as part of our research, both for the upcoming workshop and the continuing trail of clues we follow as we look back through history. We learned a lot about the Manners and … Continue reading

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Gilded butterflies Expensively caged Wed to appearance Wings grown too heavy to fly Weighted by expectation * Naturally beautiful Playing on the summer breeze Simplicity rests Drinking a gilded morning Living light in light *Top photo courtesy of Pixabay  

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Outmoded #midnighthaiku

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Caged butterlies

Berthe Morisot 1875 I love antique fans… there is something about them that has always fascinated me. I remember vividly standing in tears at Harewood House at an exhibition many years ago. I don’t quite know what it is… their … Continue reading

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Sartorial dreams

I want to be an emo-goth, or something of that ilk And dress in flowing fripperies of velvet, lace and silk. Or dark Victoriana of the Steampunk kind of thing, With nicely whaleboned corsetry all tightened up with string. I’d … Continue reading

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Hairy story

I liked my hair orange, it suited me well, Suggestive of something ‘twixt pixie and Hell. I grew it all out, hoping it had gone grey But nope, it had left me with just the odd stray. * So now … Continue reading

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‘That Dress’ – a new tale from Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard. It was only by chance that I was present at the Ball when the daughters of the House Senton were introduced to society. House Senton is a family of the old aristocracy, they were here before … Continue reading

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The Mudfold and Cockeren Feud-part 2 by Tallis Steelyard

The second part of the scandalous story of the feuding ladies of Port Naain, told by Tallis Steelyard, a poet of that city… The Mudfold and Cockeren Feud Part Two I did at the time entertain hopes that the feud … Continue reading

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Shoe shopping

I am sitting here contemplating a toe. It is not a bad toe, as toes go. While it may never win a modelling contract, it would not call down squeamish aversion. Unless, of course, one is averse to toes in … Continue reading

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