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The Light and the Eye of the Cobra

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
The water was soft on his skin. He was used to bathing in the river at sunset, but there was something special about today. He looked across at the glittering image of the sun…

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Early bird…

The display lights the darkness; three thirty-eight… wonderful. You really have to do something about that Twitter notification that sounds like a text and drags you awake, like it or not… just in case. The next hour passes in dogged … Continue reading

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Apologies to Euclid….

Originally posted on Stuart France:
‘Given the option we would all choose to live in a house of the imagination…’ …A riddle is a trick played with words. And this word ‘trick’ is interesting for it too has a three…

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Life Lines

Life Lines: Poems from a Reflection A collection of fifty-two poems of life, love and inspiration. There are joys for which we cannot find expression, moments that have a depth of emotion that can only be shared in images. It … Continue reading

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