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Free day?

I had a whole day to myself! Let’s be clear, I don’t often get one of those through the year When I don’t have appointments and don’t need to drive But can simply sit back and be glad I’m alive. … Continue reading

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Breaking bad?

It started with a tyre, then another, then a third… “The tracking’s out,” they said, although the price was all I heard. “The fourth one will need doing soon, and have you checked the spare?” Now, should I groan and … Continue reading

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Illustration: Edward Lear I can knock up a poem In no time at all, If my time’s running short And my back’s to the wall. It isn’t a talent, My brain is just geared To rhyming and meter And verging … Continue reading

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The small dog and the song of ‘hey…er, what the?’

By the door an itchy small dog Waits for access to the garden Needs the cool of morning dewdrops To appease the summer stifle Bounds outside into the silence Long before the birds have woken Spots a space invader soaring … Continue reading

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A Ghost Story ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

Along that passage we share with presence unseen, only knowing they’re there and perhaps where they’ve been, by the scent of dankness, like dew on old earth, or stone dust; by the motes which twist in the morning’s beam, and … Continue reading

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Tower by Kim Blades #writephoto

My response to Sue Vincent’s weekly photo prompt. Thursday photo prompt – Tower – #writephoto One day while out walking I came across a calm, secluded scene of crannied walls and mossy stone clad in one green hue, connecting the landscape … Continue reading

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Gemini in the sky: constant change #writephoto

Calm waters of azure ocean tsunami with violent emotion. every lash of the salty water hard rocks erode with every lather. Dawn slowly embraces the gloaming migrant wings return to nest, roaming. branches shed green coat, hook to don a … Continue reading

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The Tunnel: #writephoto by Maniparna

  It’s the light that often blinds us I prefer the apparition Of darkness. For darkness motivates you To find the path on your own To make moves To create the light That’ll end the tunnel Making your existence meaningful. … Continue reading

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Guest author: Judy Martin – Niche writer?

I had such a lovely time round at Sue’s before that I have come back again for another visit. Luckily, she didn’t slam the door in my face, and in fact, made me feel very welcome. As my blog is … Continue reading

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The flavour of revenge

You’ll have heard of the spider that got me in spring How it went for my foot in the car How it bit me five times With no reason nor rhyme Which was going a little too far. You’ll remember … Continue reading

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