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A Thousand Miles of History XXIV: The ‘first and last’ church

We were sorely in need of grounding after our visit to Boscawen Un stone circle and set off in search of breakfast. Okay, second breakfast. Land’s End…now a tourist attraction rather than the end of the land…was full of visitors … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XVIII: The path through the sea…

The tide was still in when we reached Marazion, and yet a line of people snaked between the shore and the island half a mile into the sea, seemingly walking on water. We were going to join them, walking the … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XIII: A toe in the water

The legendary land of Lyonesse lies off the uttermost point of Britain. It is told that the people of that land were tall and fair, beautiful to behold, wise and learned. At the centre of their lands was a wondrous … Continue reading

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Emerging ~ Sascha Darlington #writephoto

How many paths have I walked to find you? In dreams, I follow your trail only to have you slip away moments before I reach you. This is fate. Yours, mine, ours. In my last dream, I walked until there … Continue reading

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In Search Of – #waves #shortstory ~ Dorinda Duclos #writephoto

I could feel the cool mist of the ocean upon my face. As the waves cascaded in, onto the sand beneath my feet, I watched as the morning haze crept slowly in, hiding the secrets of the waters beyond. Rocks, … Continue reading

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The last veteran ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

Ebb and flow, waving goodbye, waving hello. So the sea goes, ceaselessly. Old feet on fresh sand. The water no longer running red. Memories crashing inside his head like waves on the shore. Creaking knees bend, arthritic hands dig into … Continue reading

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In ceaseless motion Divinity manifests Passionate Nature Eternally enraptured Calling to the soul of Man For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Other People’s Sadness: A Nautical Metaphor… Alienora Browning

Reblogged from Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman: If we are true friends. and committed loved ones, we ideally rock with another’s boat whatever the weather: We brace ourselves for the storms and vast waves of grief and illness, bad fortune … Continue reading

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Incognizant #writephoto by Sight at Journey

“I have always believed that these water bodies are mysterious. Although you can see miles out at them, dare to step in and you will find that these are God’s personal labyrinth. Many are now lying in the bottom, testifying … Continue reading

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Two Seas #writephoto from Fall Musings

This was her sanctuary. She used to go there everytime something stirred her heart. She would sit there for hours and silently gaze at the calm sea. Some days she took me with her. The days she wanted to talk. … Continue reading

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