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Salad days

To clear this rotten bug away that’s been a lousy joke, I thought I’d run a nice hot bath and have a lazy soak. I could, I thought, put something in, to make the steam work well, I settled on … Continue reading

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Hairy story

I liked my hair orange, it suited me well, Suggestive of something ‘twixt pixie and Hell. I grew it all out, hoping it had gone grey But nope, it had left me with just the odd stray. * So now … Continue reading

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Vanity in vain

You close your eyes as the blades come together. It is at this point you send a silent prayer to whichever ancestor first introduced the genetic material that gave you curly hair. It hides a lot. And at times like … Continue reading

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Bad hair day…

I knew I shouldn’t go to bed with damp hair, but honestly, at that time of night who wants to faff around with a hairdryer? I was determined to get a bath last night, one way or another, dreaming of … Continue reading

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