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‘Crossing Bedlam’ by Charles E. Yallowitz #newrelease

The Rated-R Post-Apocalyptic Action Comedy Adventure is finally here! The United States of America has been crippled. Violently contained by a global military force and left without its leaders, the country has become shattered and chaotic. A decade has passed … Continue reading

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Replay -Guest Post – What do you look for in magical beasts?

Charles Yallowitz was kind enough to join me in June as a guest. As part of the Christmas replay, I share once again his post about the magical beasts that populate the pages of fantasy. Charles is the author of … Continue reading

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Book Launch! Charles E. Yallowitz – The Merchant of Nevra Coil

When the mischievous and random Goddess of Chaos gets angry, all of Windemere becomes her plaything. It all starts with a collection of toys that have taken the populace by storm. People of all races flood the marketplaces to gather … Continue reading

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Works in Progress Blog Hop

Barb Taub, author of the quirky Tales from Null City, decided to add my name to her list for the WIP Blog Tour. As refusing any excuse to talk about the books is not in a writer’s nature, and as … Continue reading

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Curse of the Dark Wind… a new book by Charles E Yallowitz

Debuting December 12th on Amazon Kindle!   After their battles in Gaia and surviving the Island of Pallice, the champions of Windemere are off on their next adventure. In his quest to be a hero and help others, Luke Callindor … Continue reading

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Guest author Charles E. Yallowitz

I would like to welcome Charles E. Yallowitz, author of the Legends of Windemere fantasy series and other works such as The Hopeteller. Charles’ latest book, The Compass Key, has recently been published on Amazon Kindle. Thank you to Sue … Continue reading

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