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A Heart Laid Bare ~ Jan Malique

Reblogged from Strange Goings On in the Shed: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis#/media/File%3AStatuette_of_Anubis_MET_38.5_EGDP022863.jpg His Nibs has made an appearance finally. The great Walker Between the Worlds, He who is named Anubis reveals himself at last. It feels like our relationship is starting anew, a … Continue reading

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Always On The Hook ~ Craig Towsley #writephoto

The rod bent as the fish fought against the taut line. Goat reeled it in, without hurry, allowing the fish to tire itself. Once landed, he wrapped it in leaves from nearby ferns, enjoying the sweet smell on his hands … Continue reading

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A garden ever green – A visit to Haddon Hall

It was the morning after the Riddles of the Night* workshop that I have shared again recently. We wandered out into the landscape. Although the workshop was over, apparently, the work begun on the weekend was only just beginning…  Parts … Continue reading

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Guest author: Jim Webster ~Tallis Steelyard on tour… Two new books and A free lunch

I’ve mentioned before that the ‘Society of Minor Poets’ try to provide free meals for the young, the old and the indigent. It’s not just the feeding people that is important, it’s a chance for them to sit somewhere warm. … Continue reading

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St Michael de Rupe…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
* It is something of a ‘dream come true’ to be here, looking at this in all its technicolour glory. * Traditionally, Michael is depicted either ‘slaying’, or ‘fixing’, or as we might say,…

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Scarlet Red ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

Her scarlet red hair tumbled down her back as she released it, cascading over her pale, white skin. He reached out and felt the smoothness of her, brushing the hair over her shoulder and tracing a line down her spine … Continue reading

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Cascade ~ Faithfully Yours #writephoto

The cascade of beautiful waters flowing like a song with trees and plants on the sides all along Continue reading at It’s me 4 u!

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When winter ends…

In the northern hemisphere, it is Beltane, or Cétshamhain, the first of summer, going by the old calendar. It is a time of hope, fertility and of looking forward to a time of plenty; a concept we need to embrace … Continue reading

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Cascade ~ Sadje #writephoto

My strength doesn’t always show But it is running under the surface like a river It cascades into the pool of endurance Giving me the robust will to survive Continue reading at  Keep it Alive

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Life #midnighthaiku

Harvesting sunlight Drinking deep of falling rain Life becomes beauty

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