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Afghanistan Adventures #36 Will we ever get to Lal? ~ Mary Smith

Reblogged from MarySmith’sPlace: Autumn 1989 In the morning, our breath escaped in great clouds of steam. The mountains to the north were topped by white snow caps, glistening in the early sunshine. With no sounds from other travellers to disturb … Continue reading

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Guardian ~ Deepa #writephoto

the sea is a sudden urge, a transient heaviness, a momentary gravity, to hold the human soul inside out. Reblogged from Sync with Deep

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A Thousand Miles of History V: Into the mists …

I have always loved Dartmoor. It a place so rich in ancient remains that you could spend a lifetime exploring and never reach the end of it. There is a higher concentration of Bronze Age remains here than anywhere else… … Continue reading

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Quis ut Deus? ~ Stuart France

‘Am I more like God than you because I am stronger?’ * … It was, it seems, the Romans, that most militaristic of empire building peoples who first insisted that St Michael should be seen, that is, depicted, in a … Continue reading

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Guardian ~ Sadje #writephoto

As I sit Along with them I am also guarding The flowers speak in gratitude And the wind and the water watch Continue reading at Keep it Alive

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The Guardian ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

The minister finished the eulogy. Quiet, soft piano music faded up and filled the hush. A low electronic hum started, the wheels of the conveyor gradually turning. He was supposed to have protected him. That was his job, to be … Continue reading

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Life ~ Aseem Rastogi #writephoto

They sat there on the rocky outcrop wondering how their lives had changed. They both had rough childhoods and their notion of happiness was just to make more money and move out of their dingy homes. Little did they know … Continue reading

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Trusting #midnighthaiku

* Beauty in hiding False colours shield from danger Open to the sun *

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