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Treasure ~ Andrew Joyce

Reblogged from Andrew Joyce: He stumbled upon the treasure quite by accident. He had been exploring the vicinity when he happened upon it. His first thought: This cannot be real. He cautiously approached. Someone might be playing a trick on … Continue reading

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Landscape: painted ~ Daisybala #writephoto

Verdant greens Breathtaking cult views all over Resonating with chirping nature. Dancing wild grass matching the breezy beat Ducks bobbying the stream Continue reading at freshdaisiesdotme

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Guest Author: Iain Kelly ~ Finishing the Story: Writing a Trilogy #booklaunch

Two years ago I managed to finish my first novel and publish it on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. While basking in the satisfaction of completing the book, ‘A Justified State’ (and receiving the odd couple of gratifying reviews), I got … Continue reading

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Disconsolable ~ Jules #writephoto

I kept reading and re-reading the tear stained letter Trying to recall the fun we had at the midnight microphone that evening we met… We’d had our whirlwind romance without thinking too much about the future. We never married. Who … Continue reading

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Painted ~ Di #writephoto

I am the greens of the morning, So many merge and mingle, Soft and gentle, rough and hard I am here for the passage of time. I am the colours of the evening, Glorious in the sunset Casting a magical … Continue reading

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Spreading wings

The hill was a verdant emerald rising into a sapphire sky that sparkled with motes of light… so high and clear. My companion walked behind, following at a far more sedate pace as I ran headlong to the summit, an … Continue reading

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Sinks with the Boat ~ Jim Adams #writephoto

You only need to know a few folding tricks in order to make your own vessel to navigate the water’s currents. I wanted to watch my paper boat which I painted green, as it made its way out to sea, … Continue reading

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Raindrops #midnighthaiku

Dawn’s raindrops linger Cool beneath the summer sun Clinging to shadows *

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