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MarySmith’sPlace – #NewBook

Originally posted on Mary Smith's Place:
Thrilled to announce the birth of a new book! A-Z of Dumfries: Places-People-History by Mary Smith (yep, that’s me!) and Keith Kirk is now out. The town of Dumfries, in the south-west of…

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The Business of Spirituality and its Slippery Slope ~ Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from The Light Behind the Story: I spent Sunday at the region’s largest “holistic health” fair and came home exhausted and relieved the day was finally over. That isn’t how I’m supposed to feel. These events are meant to … Continue reading

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Dream Destination ~ Rebecca Cutler #writephoto

a destination of quietude flowers in bloom on myriads of green hills contemplation by adjusting my attitude billowy clouds, reflecting off the glass-like lake watching herons fly against the truest of blues my mind wanders, escape to the island across … Continue reading

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Knowing your profiteroles ~ Tallis Steelayard, aka Jim Webster

Tallis Steelyard and Jim Webster visit Robbie’s Inspiration on their blog  tour: The events I shall now relate happened a few years after Illus Wheelburn made his escape from Prae Ducis, his fare funded by his production of maps of … Continue reading

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Hinting at Shadows #BookReview by Harmony Kent

Originally posted on Lemon Shark:
? Get your copy HERE ? First wonderful surprise was seeing a tweet with the hashtag #amreading followed by my book. I smiled all day. What a lovely thing to do. But look what I…

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The Other World ~ Eluminora Creations #writephoto

I knew none of it was real, but the shift of dirt under my bare feet and the piercing reflection of sun on the vast water begged me to believe otherwise. Alone, I walked down to the shore of the … Continue reading

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Stone of the Night…

* You are a passenger… You stay under glass… You are driven through the city’s ripped back-sides. You leave the city’s ripped back-sides on a road which snakes through low, rough, foothills. Far on the horizon a solitary fin-shaped peak … Continue reading

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Glass ~ Cheryl #writephoto

Clouds roll in but stays smooth until the first tear falls. Then doppling the glassed over mind, the heart shows itself. Reblogged from The Bag Lady

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What dreams may come?

The stories we heard as children remain with us as we grow. We know them well and, at need, can dredge from memory all the salient points to retell them to a new generation of children. The characters are familiar … Continue reading

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This is the Place ~ Jim Adams #writephoto

I was told to drop the dead body here, because nobody would ever find it. I am a hit man working in the modern version of Murder, Inc., which is an organized crime murder for hire organization that is contracted … Continue reading

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