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Something spicy this way comes ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster aka Tallis Steelyard: For once, none of this was Laxey’s fault. It couldn’t be, he wasn’t even in Port Naain, but instead was in a distant mountain monastery drinking coffee so strong that past and future … Continue reading

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It worked. It’s a book

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
I allowed myself that extra hour of sleep the time change provided. This isn’t my first book, so I didn’t completely panic when I got up. I went through my morning routine, fed the dogs,…

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Web ~ Lady Lee #writephoto

When there’s crisis, who do we call? In the silence of the night he will come Probing the situation and in his armour fight And covering us above all All things black and white and with fraught On his card … Continue reading

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#Poetryreadathon ~ Robbie Cheadle invited me over…

Reblogged from Robbie’s Inspiration, where Robbie Cheadle was kind enough to invite me to be her guest as part of her Poetry Readathon: Sue Vincent from the inspirational blog Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo is the author of a number of unique … Continue reading

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Web of memories ~ Sadje #writephoto

Years of neglect and deterioration had affected All that was in that old house, lamented of abuse A cursory look was enough to tell you that there wasn’t Anyone who wanted or loved anything stored here They were just things, … Continue reading

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* The point, which has one, represents none. The line, which has two, represents one. The triangle, which has three, for us, represents four. * But what happened to two and three? * Continue reading at France and Vincent

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Time of Peace ~ Jim Sponseller #writephoto

This time of peace, has been so long, A time quite worthy, of a song, Our armor gathers, webs and dust, While our swords dull, each day with rust, Continue reading at Mindescapes

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Notes from a small dog: Pets and fireworks…

She says it is fireworks season again…which means loads of pops, bangs and fizzes. Two-legses may like them… four-legses, not so much. I used to be really scared… But I’m all growed up now and my two-legs is pretty well … Continue reading

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Web ~ Roberta Eaton #writephoto

“The assault on our eastern defenses is a feint,” the Colonel says, “the real attack will be on the Native Stadt. Get your horses ready for action and we will wait for the Boers to make their move.” Standing around … Continue reading

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Stars #midnighthaiku

* Darkness closing in Ephemeral stars ignite Children see magic *  

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