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Spring will return – reprise ~ Charles Robert Lindholm

Reblogged from Go Dog Go Cafe: Denuded Flowers Remain A Stark Witness Of A Summer Season Past As Autumn Slips Under Winter’s Blanket Of Snow That Mother Nature Covers Us With Continue reading at Go Dog Go Cafe

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The vast white ~ Pratibha #writephoto

For someone who had never seen snow up-close, in all its beauty and fury entwined at times, I was mesmerized the first morning I woke up to see the sun, shining so bright on the vast white shroud covering everything … Continue reading

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Afghan adventures #10 ~ Mary Smith

Reblogged from Mary Smith’s Place: The bazaar held an endless fascination for me, although the attention my presence attracted embarrassed Hussain horribly.  He hated to see men staring at me. ‘’Mum, pull your chaddar round a bit more, those men … Continue reading

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Light ~ Di #writephoto

He was glad he’d listened at camp. Lost in the woods, he remembered how to make a debris hut, and in the failing light managed to gather sufficient branches and twigs to protect him from the wind. Rain hadn’t been … Continue reading

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Spirit of Place…

* This notion, in the vague form in which it as come down to us, is probably more easily accessible, or, as some might have it, ‘fluffier’. * Still, few would deny that places can have atmospheres, Continue reading at … Continue reading

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Light ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

It was just after the first real snow of the year. A couple of wet inches, which might be gone by noon or may last all winter, greeted us. It sure was pertty, that untracked white. I smiled at the … Continue reading

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Close to home

I had occasion recently to talk with someone whose actions had once caused me a good deal of pain. I was asked, in the light of later maturity, if I could ever forgive them. I found that I could not. … Continue reading

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The Wishing Tree ~ Cheryl #writephoto

After trudging through muddy snow, the cold permeating their winter coats, they finally found it. This was the answer to their prayers, a completion of a promise and a quest all in one. The three children just fell to their … Continue reading

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Wounded #midnighthaiku

* Light beyond darkness Gathered and ever-present Every wound a door *  

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