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Mirrored nature ~ Phillip Knight Scott #writephoto

The sun peaks between the timber unsure, hesitant to reveal itself fully to an insipid world too often indifferent to its nourishing warmth. And still we look to it to illuminate the beauty too often unnoticed – the greens shining … Continue reading

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Mirror ~ Noah Weiss #writephoto

It has been a while since I have participated in a #writephoto challenge, but the photo that is given for this week’s challenge is multiply reminiscent for me. Thus, I offer some poetry, in the style of the Pina Colada writer. … Continue reading

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Psychiatry and me: The New Asylum ~ Frank Prem

Reblogged from Frank Prem: The BFOR Blog Tour Throughout August and into September 2019 the UK based Books for Older Readers (#BFOR) Group is having a blog tour, visiting the pages of some of its members and taking a peek … Continue reading

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Mellow, then Naked

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
With gentle care, my drunken head Is upwards tilted, facing Sun I glimpse pale gold in summer’s field To trace, already, winter’s dread As hues of autumn’s failing now revealed ➰ Too soon! Unready…

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Through the Nethergate is available from TSL Publications and Lulu.com

I am delighted to announce that Through the Nethergate is available as an ebook from Lulu.com here: Lulu.com It is also available from TSL Publications as a soft copy book here: TSL Publications It will be available on Amazon in…

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The last look in the mirror ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

My WIP is at the waiting to see if it passes muster stage, but this photo is so much a part of the story that I can’t help but write a bit that fits it. Thanks Sue 🙂 It’s even … Continue reading

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The mirror cracked ~ Janette Bendle #writephoto

She stared into the face of the stranger Vulnerable Innocent Walking calmly towards life Sometimes Hand in hand towards danger ? Continue reading at What She Wrote Next

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Talking to myself?

I was going back through some old writings and as is often the way, things written long ago come to my eyes as if penned by another hand and heart. Meaning leaps from the page, revelations lurk behind each word … Continue reading

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Star-Boy… Stuart France

* In the beginning… Star-Boy went about the world Defending people against their enemies. * Star-Boy was so strong… He broke all bows of wood And armed himself with a bone-bow A bone-knife And a stone war-club. * One day… … Continue reading

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Prediction #midnighthaiku

* The future is veiled Unpredictable journey Remains unwritten *

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