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Faith in Stones ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

They none of them could explain when it had been built or how it had been done. The standing stones were magic enough, but the slab of solid rock perching above their heads against the laws of order and human … Continue reading

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Better In The Shade ~ Jim Adams #writephoto

“I got to get out of this heat, let’s head over to that stone chamber”, said Jim. Janet said, “I don’t know, it looks pretty creepy in there. Do you know what is weird, shade doesn’t actually make the temperature … Continue reading

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The Browning Cycle ~ G. Michael Vasey

Reblogged from The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey: Confused, you watch the others to see how it is done. After all, they are now all old hands at everything here. Tanned, comfortable and relaxed, the other guests seem almost … Continue reading

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Within the tors ~ Chris Hewitt #writephoto

She laid the torn photo fragments on the table and adjusted the spotlight. More parts of the jigsaw. Mocking breadcrumbs, almost like he wants to be caught. It’s the familiar scene, always shot from a different angle. She moves the … Continue reading

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#NewRelease – Moments We Love ~ Balroop Singh

Reblogged from Emotional Shadows: Click here to look inside Moments of fragrant love that stand frozen in time, of dreams that dare not unfold, of passion that fleets by, of erratic joy that we meet at the crossroads of life, … Continue reading

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Within ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

This is our place now. You see: we’ll be safe here, they won’t find us easily. By then we will be prepared. Continue reading at Of Glass and Paper

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Dreaming Stones: Swords in stone…

“Those bright ones? They ferry you over to the Feast.” George Mackay Brown, Tryst on Egilsay At first glance, the medieval church of St Clement at Rodel seems to be empty… apart from the art installation that fills the old … Continue reading

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Lands of Exile: But ‘n’ Ben

Lands of Exile: But ‘n’ Ben Stuart France & Sue Vincent   For once, Don was right… it was all Wen’s fault. If only Ben had not insisted in going back for the gun… Don and Wen should hand themselves … Continue reading

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Starred #midnighthaiku

* Summer sun calling Hillsides strewn with living light Stars come down to earth *  

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