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This Day’s Work ~ Chris Hewitt #writephoto

The kettle was whistling. He hadn’t noticed, he was lost in thought, his reverie only broken when Toby placed his heavy head upon his lap. He patted him gently, “Ok boy”. He let the letter fall back onto the paper-strewn … Continue reading

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Journey ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

“Insane”, did you say? Yes, I agree, who wants to wander, alone, half naked, in this desolate landscape, other than a madman? But I am on a journey, probably a long journey. “Where are you going?” could you ask, but … Continue reading

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Chocorua Part 4: Meeting the Chief in the Clouds ~ Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Alethea Kehas at Not Tomatoes. Read Parts 1, 2 and 3 of her journey by clicking thehighlighted links: As my husband and I continued our journey up the quiet mountain, I stopped now and then to place my … Continue reading

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The Shadow Man’s Journey ~ Padre’s Ramblings #writephoto

Some say he was a forest spirit, others that he was some the offspring of an Elf-maid and a Satyr. Whatever the truth of the matter, one thing was true, no tree could be felled or deer hunted in his … Continue reading

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Creative Flame – How Trying To Write To Market Made Me Lose My Way ~ Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth: I think I mentioned, when I came back to blogging, that I’d taken some time off to work on a book called The Last Raven. It’s one of the most complex stories I’ve ever written … Continue reading

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Journey ~ Goff James #writephoto

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Off duty…

After driving for four hours on the road north, there is a brief glimpse of a hillside on the horizon which, at this time of year, is the one thing I am waiting to see. If the light is right … Continue reading

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Nick of Time…

* …On our way back through Little Kimble, we pass St. Nicks of Ellesborough. There are banners and notices outside the churchyard proclaiming that tomorrow the church and its tower will be open to the public and that for a … Continue reading

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Healing #midnighthaiku

* Solace and healing Losing istelf in wonder The heart seeks beauty *  

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