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Close to you…

I wander into the kitchen… the world is silent except for the little grunting noises Ani makes as I cuddle her good morning. I don’t speak dog fluently, but I have a feeling these short, low grunts are an expression … Continue reading

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The Longest Walk ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

She rose with the sun, her brow still damp with the essence of dream. Soon enough her feet were, too, from dew and from the small drops of silence that mornings bring. There was little to say, and much space … Continue reading

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Leaky pots

With the very first name that comes into your head: who is the most important person in your everyday life? (I should point out here that the dog doesn’t count, regardless of what she thinks… not in this particular instance … Continue reading

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Accident Prone II

I have mentioned that I may be accident prone And that honest, when all’s said and done, To be constantly damaging extremities On the whole, is not really much fun. Last weekend was the toe, though it’s healed rather well … Continue reading

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Accident prone…

Today I kicked the bucket (And for all my US friends, This is a euphemism For the point at which life ends). It wasn’t done on purpose… Just a half-bipedal fail, As I got out of the shower And the … Continue reading

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