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Hmmm… #midnighthaiku

* “Just learn to accept… Exchange is no robbery.” Truth is cold comfort 🙂 It is my fault. I sometimes leave the fridge ajar… On one occasion, she left her tennis ball in exchange for my cheese.

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Pirates Ahoy! A Writer’s Frustration ~ Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth: Being a writer isn’t all lattes in coffee shops and glowing bursts of inspiration. There’s quite a bit of hard work involved too, as many of you know. Writing a novel and then getting it … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Bobby Fairfield ~ A very brief history of an infamous Exmoor family.

Everyone was aware of the reputation accorded the family known as the Doones, who in the mid seventeenth century lived somewhere on the moors. Most could or would not say exactly where. They were reputed to be a family of … Continue reading

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Busted #midnighthaiku

Hide the evidence Wear an air of innocence Hope to pass unseen…    

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Something Precious from MS Skyfall #writephoto

No one knew. No one ever suspected her. Swapna had gotten away with the theft rather easily. The speculations and the conclusions all said it had to be somebody from the inside. Everyone had looked at each other suspiciously. But … Continue reading

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