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Horseman in the Mist ~ Steve Tanham

The lovely town of Cassel, near Lille in Northern France, is shrouded in mist – the same mist that had accompanied our first ever visit to the World War One cemeteries of Vimy and Notre Dame de Lorette. (Above: The … Continue reading

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Voices in the Mist (1) ~ Steve Tanham

We had never been to the First World War monuments and graves in northern France. As a young man, I considered them part of a national mindset that glorified war. But, over the decades, that view was moderated and I … Continue reading

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A game of three halves (3 of 3) – Steve Tanham

Continued from Part Two So, this one day, considered in all its facets, resolves itself into a journey, a destination and an arrival – an arrival at a meeting with a French relative we have never met, and whose unlikely … Continue reading

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A game of three halves (2) – Steve Tanham

Reblogged from The Silent Eye: It is, still, all of it, only one day… Though now the winds that buffeted the bed-and-breakfast farmhouse have abated. I look at my watch. We have two hours to go before we need to … Continue reading

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A game of three halves (1) – Steve Tanham

It is, after all, only one day… Have you ever re-assembled a day into a different sequence? Been so involved with its contents that the threads seem to weave themselves, again… and differently. But it is only one day… and … Continue reading

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