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Acts of kindness #cancer

The nurse, her eyes above the mask both understanding and sympathetic, reached out a gloved hand and squeezed my shoulder in passing. That was it. It was all it took. The floodgates opened and for the next half an hour, … Continue reading

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I’m surrounded by tall, slender women While I am quite short and have curves, And to see them all stylish and graceful… Well… sometimes it gets on your nerves. They can eat without thought when you’re dining, They take notice … Continue reading

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Discard #midnighthaiku

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Saturday Short Story – No Pain, No Gain by Don Massenzio (part one)

Reblogged from Don Massenzio…the first part of his continuing story…part 9 out now… This week’s story comes from my own struggle to maintain my weight and get fit. Everyone is wearing Fit Bits, Apple Watches or other devices that track … Continue reading

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Lighten up…

For the lady in the white coat and anyone who is, like me,  facing the rigours of a New Year’s diet… Laughter increases the heart rate and burns calories at a rate of up to 180 calories per hour, if … Continue reading

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*even if it does make typing a tad difficult…

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