Notes from a small dog ~ Who ate the garden (and the prawns…)?


It’s about time. She does hog this thing, doesn’t she? It is ages since she’s let me write anything. Mind you, it has been waaay to hot to do anything except flop, chase balls and keep the garden free of cows and pigeons.

You’d think that would be a good thing, being summer and all, but you try this heat wearing a fur coat… and a black one at that! And that’s not all… something ate my garden!

She doesn’t like letting me play out in it any more. Not that she keeps me in exactly…which is just as well ’cause the cool concrete about midnight is the only place to sleep…but the ball-throwing is now limited to the pathway… that’s the only thing that hasn’t been eaten. Apparently, it is natural… but I’m not so sure…

The sun ate my grass.

At first, I thought we’d had a stray cow hop over the fence, but ‘no,’ she said, ‘it was the sun.’ Then I thought we must have giant moles. We’ve had little ones before, but they only leave small holes and soft hills. These holes are humungous! I was getting a bit worried that I might have to tackle them… but, needs must, you know. If she needs protecting from mutant moles, then what is a dog to do? I can only do my duty, whatever it takes.

She says she doesn’t need guarding, but honestly…these two-legses have no idea how hard we work. With the heat, all the flies have come in and you wouldn’t believe how many I have to defend her from every day! And that’s without the feathered fiends she calls pigeons, the hot air balloons and the helicopters! And the cows. Let’s not forget the cows.

But how am I supposed to guard her from the sun? Honest, my grass looks like a broken pot, all crazed and split into bits. And some of the big bits wobble when you walk on them! That threw me a bit. You sort of expect the earth to be reliable, but no… it’s wiggling under my feet. I had a good sniff and a bit of a dig, but I couldn’t figure out why. ‘It’s the sun‘ she says… as if that is supposed to make me feel better!

There’s holes in it now big enough to swallow a small dog, let alone my ball… and they are getting bigger every day. ‘We need a bit of rain,‘, she says. We need more than that! Anyone have a phone number for Noah? She keeps checking the sky and the weather, and grumbling about living in a place where the hills move the clouds away from us. Mind you, you should have heard her when the water went off last weekend!

It had been off a few days before, but she hadn’t noticed. But when she comes in as red as a lobster and wants a shower… and nothing comes out of the tap… panic stations. She did have some water in the fridge… but most of that had to be mine. I must say, it seems to be full of water now… just in case, she says.

I did find a few silver linings, though. She’s been threatening me with a bath, but she hasn’t been able to follow up on that. Even though the water is back, she says she’s not risking me getting stuck with shampoo in my fur. I can go with that!

Not only that, but one of my boys is coming over every day to use her shower, ’cause his bathroom is bust and needs all fixing. And that means he can throw my ball! Sometimes he comes over on his wheely thing after she’s been down to get him organised…and then we all get to go for walks in the fields!

And sometimes, she brings him and his lunch… and he eats good stuff, like prawns! Not that I beg or anything. I wouldn’t dream of being so impolite! I just keep him company while  he eats… and is it my fault if prawns make my mouth water?

He does share though, which is good, though we did have a bit of an incident. I sort of forgot myself… and when he tossed me a prawn, I ‘headed’ it back, like I do with the ball. It was an accident. I didn’t mean it to go back into his lunch… but for some reason he didn’t seem to fancy the rest of it, ’cause he didn’t know which prawn was mine.

I thought that was really kind of him… not wanting to eat my prawn… and as he didn’t want the rest of his, I thought I’d better give him a little help. She doesn’t like food going to waste… says it’s not respectful of the lives that have filled our plates… and she doesn’t care whether that’s a prawn or a lettuce.

So, I’ve been doing my duty and being a really good girl. I sort of needed to after going for a walk the other day. Nothing wrong with that… but she is of the opinion that I should take her with me. So I was in the doghouse for while…

Hopefully, I’ve redeemed myself.

And hopefully, my boy will fancy prawns again…

Much love,

Ani xxx

About Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire-born writer and one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. She writes alone and with Stuart France, exploring ancient myths, the mysterious landscape of Albion and the inner journey of the soul. Find out more at France and Vincent. She is owned by a small dog who also blogs. Follow her at and on Twitter @SCVincent. Find her books on Goodreads and follow her on Amazon worldwide to find out about new releases and offers. Email:
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72 Responses to Notes from a small dog ~ Who ate the garden (and the prawns…)?

  1. Ritu says:

    Oh Ani, it’s a confusing world at the moment isn’t it? Naughty sun!

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  2. Hi Ani. I’m sorry about your grass being eaten by the sun. I know what you mean about dealing with the heat while wearing a fur coat though. At least mine is white… Must be even worse for you. Plus, we have the big water near here, and the humans take me to see it lots. Have you ever seen the big water? It’s really strange… It tries to chase you, then it runs away a bit, and then comes back to try and chase you again. I’m never sure if I should chase it or run away from it. Lots of licks, Lilie

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  3. jenanita01 says:

    Unfortunately, my comments are not loading, so not sure what’s wrong. Lovely post from Ani… Jaye


  4. Woebegone but Hopeful says:

    It’s just not fair Ani. Silly sun. It’ll all sort itself out in the autumn and winter, if you’re allowed out in the muddy garden that is.


  5. bobcabkings says:

    Ani, I’m sure your boy will fancy prawns again. Once a Two-Legs gets a taste for prawns. we tend to keep with it. She’s right about the sun and the grass, and the holes. Dirt is funny. It likes being a bit wet and tends to shrink when it gets very dry. It’s not such a problem for the Two-Legs (except farmers trying to grow crops) with their great flat feet, but those holes and cracks can be another matter for the delicate paws of a small dog.


  6. A great perspective on the current weather pattern Ani… and glad you got more prawns than you anticipated… xxx


  7. Darlene says:

    I understand, Ani. They say it is too hot here in Spain to take me for a walk. Apparently, it is 45C in the direct sun midday. So I have to wait until the sun goes down and it cools off. I hate waiting until 10 pm for a walk. Hope your garden comes back soon. I would love to play in your garden. Your doggie friend, Dot.


    • Sue Vincent says:

      You wouldn’t want to scorch your paws, Dot… they have the hard things on their feet, so I think they are just looking after you, though I know what you mean about waiting…. xxx


  8. robbiecheadle says:

    Sinkholes in the grass from lack of rain, Ani. I have never heard of such a thing. Good thing that doesn’t happen in South Africa as we hardly ever get rain. Actually, we get sinkholes when it does rain every so often. I like prawns too, they are my personal favourite.


  9. Poor Ani. Got my toes burned the other day. My fault, wouldn’t walk on the grass and sooooo wanted my walk. Got hosed down to cool off which actually wasn’t too bad.
    Cooler now and have had some long walks. Got a bit stiff though. Back garden is back in bounds now after weed treatment’. I’ve sniffed and checked and it’s still my garden, but have weed and poo’d just to make sure any other visitors know that. Much love, Maggie. ❤


  10. Ani I hope you get prawns as often as you fancy 😉


  11. khimpidutta says:

    You have redeemed yourself well, Ani. Loves and hugs.


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  13. tric says:

    We had the same grass eating monster here but it looks like the few short showers we’ve had have chased it away and bright green shoots are returning. No sink holes though.


  14. Mary Smith says:

    Come to Scotland, Ani! We’ve got rain and the grass is starting to look green again and grow. And I’m sure we could find some prawns or chicken or a sausage or two for you.


  15. Widdershins says:

    It seems the Sun has been pilfering grass and dirt and bits of garden all over the world, or at least the northern bit, this summer. I wonder if it’s going to build itself another planet?


  16. dgkaye says:

    Omg Ani you are tooooooooo cute! Something ate your garden and you can’t figure out how the sun ate it, so sweet. Nice trick throwing back the prawn like a ball. Are you sure that wasn’t premeditated? Just wondering? 🙂 xoxoxo


  17. Eliza Waters says:

    Talk about a hot dog! 😉 Fur is great in winter, but with the heat, not so much. Hope relief comes soon!


  18. Anne Copeland says:

    You are such a great dog, Ani. One of my dogs who is now in the ground under a little peach tree in the back yard was named Moufi Ani. She came from the pound, and her original name was Annie, but there couldn’t be two of us and then perhaps I mistook the words, but it seemed to me that Moufi Ani was a Jewish term meaning Thank you. So this is likely wrong, but it stuck, and she was Moufi Ani until my Richard renamed her Moukie, I think because he needs hearing aids. But then he seems to rename all the animals almost. It’s a tough life for sure. The other day when we came back from the groceries, all of the dogs, and there are five of them, were all singing with the same voice and in the same key. It was so wierd that Annie and Richard almost dropped the eggs, but Jack, the little part chihuahua and part huskie dog and leader of the pack, told them all to stop singing and let us bring everything in, so they did. His full rename, as he is our foster dog, is Yukon Jack. It used to be Gizmo, but that didn’t seem a proper name for any living thing, so now he goes by Yukon Jack, Jack, or Baby Jack! Anyway, we truly appreciate you as we do all living things.

    Richard thought he was making a present for Annie, so he wanted to get a free fish in our town that he thought was a goldfish. So Annie and Richard went to pick up the fish, and when we got there, it was a kind of reddish-orange Chichlid, and they are not nice fish. We had to put the catfish in with the goldfish and the Chichlid into his own aquarium. He is kind of pretty, but he has very evil eyes, and Annie is sort of afraid of him. We might have to feed him some kind of meat. Not sure. Have to check.

    Ani, you and all the other pets make life worthwhile for sure. Never a dry day with you around! Thank you kindly.


  19. Good story, Ani. 🙂 — Suzanne


  20. willowdot21 says:

    Hi Ani Ruby here. Well that is a lovely photo of you with your boy. How wonderful that your boy decided to go off his prawns..
    More for you … Result. As for going out for a walk, I have noticed that those two legs do get a tad noughty about that!! Just keep looking sorry and wag your tail like mad everytime she comes near you!! Love for now Ruby 💜💜💜🎈🎈


  21. Ani was really trying to give you a break from that sun, going for a walk by herself. Very considerate, if you ask me lol Gotta love it. ❤


  22. We’re sorry that the sun ate all your garden, Ani. You should have come to Wales. It rains here even when it’s not supposed to. That means our garden hasn’t been eating by the sun, but it has been invaded by some strange looking things that they call ‘sunflowers.’ We think they follow us around the garden, but they say that it’s the sun they are following around.
    Anyway, they say the heatwave has broken now. Was it you that broke it? If so, thank you so much. It means we can go out after lunch again.
    Lots of barks,
    Toby & Austin


  23. Adele Marie says:

    Hi Ani, the heat here has been bad too. Grass, what grass? Mine has gone walk about too. I did get a paddling pool, they said, but it got a hole in it, well if they will throw the toys in the thing and expect me to fetch them…..And the flies, I;ve been on fly duty, it’s not my fault if I knock things over trying to protect them from the flies. seeesh…. well we got rain all weekend so did I get out? No. Oh it’s too wet, bloody hell, Ani, I give up. Much paw love Dante dog. xxx


  24. macjam47 says:

    Ani, it’s hot everywhere, so much so that when we do get rain, it doesn’t make a dent in the cracks in the dirt. My flowers get watered every morning, but by noon they are dry as a bone. The ones in the ground are fairing much better than those in the pots. And the grass – well, if you like brown grass you’re in luck here. Tomorrow we are supposed to be at a cool 87 degrees F. (30.6C for you) and everyone is looking forward to cool weather. Any other time, they’d be complaining how hot it is. Stay cool, Ani. Next, we’ll be complaining about cold and snow. Love and hugs to you and your two legs. (And a belly rub for you!)


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