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A Ghost Story ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

Along that passage we share with presence unseen, only knowing they’re there and perhaps where they’ve been, by the scent of dankness, like dew on old earth, or stone dust; by the motes which twist in the morning’s beam, and … Continue reading

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Grandad’s Ghost ~ Michael #writephoto

There had to be a reason for the doors being left open. There was always a reason. The question was who left them open? This situation had been going on for some time and my Grandmother seemed to take it … Continue reading

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Castle of Illusion ~ blackout poem ~ Ken Gierke

Reblogged from rivrvlogr, a poem inspired by a post on a recent Silent Eye event: Castle of Illusion Land and sites engaged the illusion, made perfect the wholeness, hiding hollowness. Empty windows watched, the Ego isolated within, disturbed. Read the … Continue reading

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Can the Writing Gene be Inherited? ~ Mae Clair

Reblogged from Mae Clair at Story Empire: Hello, SEers! Mae here with you today as we enter a new month. Happy first day of July! In June, I raised the question “are writers born or made?” Today, I want to … Continue reading

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Set your hand to the plough

Originally posted on Jim Webster:
? I have to start this by stating that I’m not a ploughman. Like a lot of livestock farmers I can get nervous if I see the ground, ‘brown side up.’ But every so often…

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The Blissed Hand

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Like a flower the truth is swiftly hurt Perfection is the gentlest thing Touched only by inside seeing Fingers’ secret is caress Engaging deeper self A sacrifice to one alone Blissed hand holds essence…

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Disturbance at the Asylum ~ Fandango #writephoto

Officers Martin and Lewis were dispatched to the old asylum after reports of a disturbance at the facility had been called in. The building had been abandoned years earlier and there had been periodic stories of the halls of the … Continue reading

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The Right Door ~ Paula Light #writephoto

It was supposed to be my vacation. A long overdue break from demands, deadlines, and stress. But I couldn’t relax. During the mornings, I sat on the sand, watching the waves, my stomach a knot of anxiety. In the afternoons, … Continue reading

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‘Aye’ of the Unicorn… Stuart France

* With almost prescient clarity we commenced our summer workshop in a graveyard! * Except, not quite, for before we entered the graveyard, we stood by the swiftly flowing waters of the river Spey and entered into a guided meditation. … Continue reading

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Freedom #midnighthiku

* Bars are not enough The mind is not a captive Except of itself * Beyond the fences The other side of freedom May be a prison * To flee or remain What is right is not revealed Choice carves … Continue reading

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