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The Quiet Life ~ Paula Light #writephoto

“There she is!” “Oh, my God! She’s really alive.” “Can you believe it? After all these years!” The Countess waved gracefully to the crowd gathered on the lawn. She had agreed to answer a few questions and pointed to a … Continue reading

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The Proposal ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

“You might as well open your eyes now.” His gravely voice was somewhat amused but carried in it the edge of impatience she’d recognized from her own father. A dismissive tone that simultaneously mocked and tolerated females’ flair for the … Continue reading

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Littlest voices ~ Colleen Briggs

Reblogged from Fragments of Light: All over the world, they peer from the shadows of deconstructed realities… From the rice fields of Vietnam, laboring under a relentless sun. From the slums of Kenya, neglected and starving . Continue reading at … Continue reading

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The Enemy Within ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

The castle was his fortress, protecting him from the dangers that surrounded him. Water around three sides made attack impossible, and the narrow drawbridge that joined it to the mainland was impregnable. No one had been able to storm these … Continue reading

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An author’s journey…

I’ve decided on world domination, It’s a logical move, don’t you think? For it has to be better than housework Or slaving away at the sink. ‘Cause I’ve had it with laundry and cleaning, After decades of doing the stuff, … Continue reading

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Castle ~ Bobby Fairfield #writephoto

“There it is,” the high-pitched cry pierced the gloom. As one, we looked across the dark, calm waters of the loch. Where once had been foreboding darkness we watched as the beam of a lantern appeared, illuminating one of the … Continue reading

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Dreaming Stones: Meeting the Old Man

Something was taking a lot out of us. It wasn’t just the lack of lunch, as we’d had first and second breakfast, even if that had been hours earlier. It wasn’t the weather either…we’ve endured worse and at least we … Continue reading

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Earned #midnighthaiku

Battered by currents Hollowed battle scars define A beauty hard won

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