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Strayed ~ Adele #writephoto

I walked into the house. It was quiet. It meant he hadn’t come as yet. The corridor stretched endlessly before me. I wondered what to do while I waited for him. Ahead was the door leading to the large and … Continue reading

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Open ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

She had received the invitation just two days before. She knew the place, it had a rather dark reputation. But then, one had to chose: the appeal of the dark side, or the fear of the unknown. This was an … Continue reading

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Pond update…

It was odd, when we thought about it, that all the healthiest fish had died, The ones we’d had concerns about were still with us. It was also odd that all our special friends amongst the fish had gone… the … Continue reading

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Free flash fiction and horror… download the Sirens Call eZine!

Evergreen, one of my flash fiction pieces, features in the June issue of the Sirens Call eZine. Download the latest copy of The Sirens Call eZine for FREE here! Distant Screams The 45th issue of The Sirens Call eZine features … Continue reading

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Bonebreakers Hoard ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

Travis Wolfblood stepped into the corridor, Dragontooth, his mighty sword at the ready. Normally he would have never ventured by himself into Bonebreak Castle but having heard the tales of the immense treasure to be found there, Travis selfishly decided … Continue reading

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Training ~ Michele Jones #writephoto

So much had happened to Emme after she met The Three. When she had first met them, she couldn’t believe three twig figures could do anything to protect her. But she couldn’t have been more wrong. The Three represented Good, … Continue reading

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A surreal Sunday… Life, death and beauty

You could see, just from Nick’s posture, that something was very wrong. As I walked towards the garden from the street where I had left the car, there was just something in the bleak way he was holding himself, looking … Continue reading

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The Dream Tree… Stuart France

* The pillow resembles an open book Its leaves shall shadow my dreams As tree-leaf dapples sunlight. * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Mirroring #midnighthaiku

* Scattered light fragments Spiritual reflection Retaining essence *  

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